BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "doc: fix typo in secret example"Zuul7 days
3.3.0commit d4a142b97b...James E. Blair12 days
3.2.0commit 22ad98af4a...James E. Blair4 months
3.1.0commit 057d664ecc...James E. Blair5 months
3.0.3commit 1e3e5d33fb...James E. Blair6 months
3.0.2commit 623533ab85...James E. Blair7 months
3.0.1commit 11a80ccebd...James E. Blair7 months
3.0.0commit 8f77b30923...James E. Blair8 months
2.6.0commit b0482a6ab3...James E. Blair14 months
2.5.2commit 9ada50e87a...Paul Belanger19 months
2.5.1commit 2e077db0b8...James E. Blair2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysMerge "doc: fix typo in secret example"HEADmasterZuul
8 daysFix reporting ansible errors in buildlogTobias Henkel
8 daysdoc: fix typo in secret exampleTristan Cacqueray
8 daysMerge "Add ignore_basepython_conflict option to tox.ini"Zuul
8 daysMerge "Parallelize prime_installation_map"Zuul
8 daysMerge "Resume paused job with skipped children"Zuul
8 daysMerge "Improve windows logging"Zuul
8 daysMerge "Don't do live streaming in loops"Zuul
9 daysAdd ignore_basepython_conflict option to tox.iniMonty Taylor
9 daysMerge "Fix issue in Github connection with large diffs"Zuul