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masterAdd download artifact roleJames E. Blair29 hours
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29 hoursAdd download artifact roleHEADmasterJames E. Blair
30 hoursAdd fetch-sphinx-tarball roleJames E. Blair
3 daysMove chdir under args for shell taskPaul Belanger
4 daysbuildset registry: fix proxy_port error in push/pull rolesJames E. Blair
4 daysbuildset registry: don't put skopeo creds on command lineJames E. Blair
4 daysUpdate zuul ansible locationJames E. Blair
7 daysMerge "Document how to build a buildset registry"Zuul
7 daysDocument how to build a buildset registryJames E. Blair
8 daysFix exec quoting in release remove-gpgkey roleThierry Carrez
8 daysMerge "Pin nodejs to come from nodesource repo"Zuul