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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-06Add ignore_basepython_conflict option to tox.iniMonty Taylor
2018-10-29Merge "Use doc/requirements.txt"Zuul
2018-10-28Use doc/requirements.txtAndreas Jaeger
2018-10-28Fix flake 3.6.0 warningsAndreas Jaeger
2018-08-22Update docs build jobAndreas Jaeger
2018-06-10Fix tox-coverTobias Henkel
2018-05-25Support databases on other hosts during testsTobias Henkel
2018-05-17Revert "Revert "Switch to stestr""James E. Blair
2018-04-12Use nodeenv for npm and yarn in toxMonty Taylor
2018-03-21Allow external zookeeper in tox py35 runsTobias Henkel
2018-03-21Revert "Switch to stestr"James E. Blair
2018-03-18Switch to stestrMonty Taylor
2018-03-16Ignore node_modules in flake8Tobias Henkel
2018-03-12Add new tox-remote jobTobias Henkel
2018-02-05Increase test timeoutJames E. Blair
2018-02-01Merge "pep8: ignore E124 rule"Zuul
2018-01-24Update docs to use sphinx-buildMonty Taylor
2018-01-19pep8: ignore E124 ruleTristan Cacqueray
2017-12-01tox: remove validate-layoutTristan Cacqueray
2017-10-23Fix for pep8 E722 and ignore E741David Shrewsbury
2017-10-13Switch statsd config to zuul.confJames E. Blair
2017-07-27Use mypy to do static type checkingMonty Taylor
2017-06-16Stop supporting python2Monty Taylor
2017-05-19Re-enable E305 pep8 errorsDavid Shrewsbury
2017-05-19Re-enable F405 pep8 errorsDavid Shrewsbury
2017-05-18Remove use of hacking libDavid Shrewsbury
2017-04-18Extend test timeout to 120sJames E. Blair
2017-04-07Use PBR's test commandClark Boylan
2017-03-03Re-enable test_dependent_behind_dequeueClint Byrum
2017-02-06Tests: store debug logs on errorJames E. Blair
2017-02-02Increase individual test timeoutJames E. Blair
2017-01-24Add nodepool integration testJames E. Blair
2016-12-21Improve test outputJames E. Blair
2016-07-14Merge branch 'master' into v3_mergeJoshua Hesketh
2016-06-21Merge "Add support for bindep"Jenkins
2016-06-10Reduce Log SizeMorgan Fainberg
2016-06-07Python 3 Fixes: Replace missing builtinsMonty Taylor
2016-06-03Add support for bindepPaul Belanger
2016-06-01Pass OS_*_CAPTURE env variablesDavid Shrewsbury
2016-02-03Pass ZUUL_TEST_ROOT through toxJames E. Blair
2015-12-11Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removedOndřej Nový
2015-11-19Use rather than localhost for statsd hostIan Wienand
2015-01-21Fix pep8 issuesJoshua Hesketh
2014-09-08Rename doc environment to docsMonty Taylor
2014-05-30Use except x as y instead of except x, yChristian Berendt
2014-01-14Use venv to build documentationAntoine Musso
2013-12-23Use timeout fixture (30 seconds) for testsJames E. Blair
2013-09-23Update tox.ini to current standardsMonty Taylor
2013-09-18remove --pre option from tox's pip install commandzhaoxinyu
2013-07-20Make E123 pep8 cleanPaul Belanger