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2018-12-02Fix ignored but tracked .keep fileTobias Henkel
2018-10-20Exclude .keep files from .gitignoreIvan Remizov
2018-10-09Add docker-compose quickstart exampleJames E. Blair
2018-06-11Add .stestr to .gitignoreFabien Boucher
2018-03-04Use yarn and webpack to manage zuul-web javascriptMonty Taylor
2017-07-28Ignore .mypy_cacheTobias Henkel
2017-06-08Add coverage artifacts to .gitignoreClint Byrum
2017-03-06Merge branch 'master' into feature/zuulv3Joshua Hesketh
2016-11-28Ignore .idea directoryTobias Henkel
2016-02-12Merge master into feature/zuulv3Joshua Hesketh
2015-12-10Add vim swap files to .gitignoreJP Sullivan
2015-12-09Merge configurations with multiple layout filesJames E. Blair
2013-12-03Ignore .venv directoryPaul Belanger
2013-06-27Migrate to testrepository.Monty Taylor
2013-06-25Migrate to pbr.Monty Taylor
2013-01-15Add layout file validation.James E. Blair
2012-11-17Import oslo-incubator for versioningPaul Belanger
2012-06-08Add documentation.James E. Blair
2012-05-30Add Jenkins cleanup thread.James E. Blair
2012-05-29Add .pyc to gitignore.James E. Blair
2012-05-29Initial commit.James E. Blair