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Add three more case studies
Include synopses for and links to new case studies covering Software Factory, OpenStack Foundation and Packet Host. Co-Authored By: Nicole Martinelli Change-Id: I5501c4a86d50afac3a7f6767b2a9e84a2cddae26
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143 Read more about OpenLab at SuperUser. 143 Read more about OpenLab at SuperUser.
144 </a> 144 </a>
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147 <h3>
148 <a href="">
149 Software Factory
150 </a>
151 </h3>
152 <p>
153 Software Factory is a distribution that integrates all the
154 components as CentOS packages with an installer/operator named
155 sfconfig to manage service configuration, backup, recovery and
156 upgrades. The main Zuul advantages for their users are
157 customizable deployments and simplicity of use. The RDO project
158 has been using Software Factory successfully for about three
159 years now. The goal is to keep the same user experience from
160 upstream to downstream and to allow them to share
161 configurations, jobs, pipelines and easily run third party CI
162 jobs. With the addition of GitHub support to Zuul, Software
163 Factory can now be used without Gerrit and people are looking
164 into running their own gating CI/CD for GitHub organizations
165 with SF to use the log processing features.
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167 <a href="">
168 Read more about Software Factory at SuperUser.
169 </a>
170 </p>
172 <h3>
173 <a href="">
174 OpenStack Foundation
175 </a>
176 </h3>
177 <p>
178 OpenStack ended up in a situation where it wanted to keep gating
179 changes to OpenStack but have the ability to merge more than 24
180 changes a day. Running tests more quickly, or running fewer
181 tests were either not possible or less than ideal options.
182 Instead the infrastructure team set out to build a system (Zuul)
183 which could parallelize the serial testing of OpenStack.
184 Initially, Zuul was the coordinator for Jenkins and the two
185 systems worked together, and around April 2016, Jenkins was
186 replaced with an Ansible <>-based
187 execution system to improve performance and reliability. The
188 success of this Ansible-based system highly influenced the
189 decision to do the major Zuul v3 rewrite which also uses Ansible
190 to execute jobs.
191 </p><p>
192 <a href="">
193 Read more about OpenStack Foundation at SuperUser.
194 </a>
195 </p>
197 <h3>
198 <a href="">
199 Packet Host
200 </a>
201 </h3>
202 <p>
203 Packet Host built a community cloud to support OpenStack with
204 100 concurrent VM instances each with 8 GB RAM, eight vCPUs and
205 80 GB storage running on 11 bare metal servers. Working with the
206 OpenStack Infra team has really opened my eyes up to the
207 capabilities of Zuul and the frameworks they’ve put together,
208 says John Studarus, who helped Packet Host put it together.
209 </p><p>
210 <a href="">
211 Read more about Packet Host at SuperUser.
212 </a>
213 </p>
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