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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-11Remove stray "Monty Taylor
2019-02-11Remove ax_cxx_check_lib and use autoconf-archiveMonty Taylor
2019-02-11Use boost::optional and drop std back to 14Monty Taylor
2019-02-11Use autoconf archive for boost and opensslMonty Taylor
2019-02-10Add consts to LRU and use std::optionalMonty Taylor
2019-02-10Re-add -WerrorMonty Taylor
2019-02-10Overhaul warnings, debug and optimize settingsMonty Taylor
2019-02-10Remove vendored copies of m4 filesMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Get rid of -Wmissing-declarationMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Strip more autoconf stuff we don't needMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Simplify library searchingMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Clean up a few more warning settingsMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Test for cpprest with pthreadsMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Remove lib-link and lib-prefix and depend on gettextMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Add lib-linkMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Add lib-prefixMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Switch to cpprest and add support for itMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Fix warnings in buildMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Initial commitMonty Taylor