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2019-03-05Return NULL on all errorsHEADmasterJames E. Blair
This is what the mod_rewrite documentation says we should return if we are unable to map the URL. Change-Id: Ifec0a5eb6076e36eb32bb67e0eca6ea4df3a7b13 Notes (review): Code-Review+2: Monty Taylor <> Code-Review+2: Jeremy Stanley <> Workflow+1: Jeremy Stanley <> Verified+2: Zuul Submitted-by: Zuul Submitted-at: Tue, 05 Mar 2019 17:08:54 +0000 Reviewed-on: Project: openstack-infra/zuul-preview Branch: refs/heads/master
2019-03-01Use artifact name rather than log_urlJames E. Blair
So that we can return the preview URL as the success url, use the artifact name to look up the forward URL. Change-Id: I8d67e1527d8f911579779a9a036a3c7f5c79a27f Notes (review): Code-Review+2: Clark Boylan <> Code-Review+2: James E. Blair <> Workflow+1: James E. Blair <> Verified+2: Zuul Submitted-by: Zuul Submitted-at: Sat, 02 Mar 2019 03:43:49 +0000 Reviewed-on: Project: openstack-infra/zuul-preview Branch: refs/heads/master
2019-02-22Build docker imageJames E. Blair
This adds a job which builds the Dockerfile; it inherits from a job which uses a buildset registry. Change-Id: If7789d7bf969b3566dc55343aa1cf0761b96d7b3 Notes (review): Code-Review+2: Clark Boylan <> Code-Review+2: Jeremy Stanley <> Workflow+1: Jeremy Stanley <> Verified+2: Zuul Submitted-by: Zuul Submitted-at: Fri, 22 Feb 2019 22:45:07 +0000 Reviewed-on: Project: openstack-infra/zuul-preview Branch: refs/heads/master
2019-02-14Update gitreview file with correct project nameMonty Taylor
And add initial .zuul.yaml Change-Id: Idb8ac05aaee2fd55b2bbd38ff9989253ecc64944 Notes (review): Code-Review+2: James E. Blair <> Workflow+1: James E. Blair <> Verified+2: Zuul Submitted-by: Zuul Submitted-at: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 19:56:25 +0000 Reviewed-on: Project: openstack-infra/zuul-preview Branch: refs/heads/master
2019-02-11Remove .zuul.yaml for importJames E. Blair
2019-02-11Add a cache for client objectsMonty Taylor
Rather than creating them in the loop for each, make one client object per api url.
2019-02-11Remove stray "Monty Taylor
2019-02-11Remove ax_cxx_check_lib and use autoconf-archiveMonty Taylor
We don't need this local lib check macro. We can use AX_CHECK_LIBRARY from autoconf-archive.
2019-02-11Use debian:testing-minimal base imageMonty Taylor
2019-02-11Use an env var for the API urlJames E. Blair
2019-02-11Clean up commentsJames E. Blair
2019-02-11Use boost::optional and drop std back to 14Monty Taylor
boost::optional works on stretch and doesn't add any depends. The c++17 support in gcc isn't complete anyway.
2019-02-11Merge branch 'master' of E. Blair
2019-02-11Set cache size to 1024James E. Blair
And tweak the rewrite url.
2019-02-11Use bool cast for testing optional<> valueMonty Taylor
We don't need the call to has_value, we can do it in the if directly.
2019-02-11Revert "Use uniform initializer syntax everywhere"Monty Taylor
This reverts commit 49b41704e01e2fa62d38541f7de2eba1f12e9ab9.
2019-02-11Use uniform initializer syntax everywhereMonty Taylor
2019-02-11Use autoconf archive for boost and opensslMonty Taylor
2019-02-10Run apacheJames E. Blair
Add an apache vhost config file which uses zuul-preview as a rewritemap. Remove extraneous output from zuul-preview. Add an exception handler around the http code. Remove the mutex (as we are single threaded). Run apache as the docker CMD.
2019-02-10Add mutex to gets and putsMonty Taylor
gets and puts both mutate the underling structures. Put in a mutex and use a guard to make sure we're not stepping on ourselves. This almost certainly could be smarter.
2019-02-10Add consts to LRU and use std::optionalMonty Taylor
c++17 (which our compiler supports) has std::optional<T> that can be used for thigns that return a value or nothing (like this) Use that. add in some consts and pass parameters by const reference. use std::uint32_t instead of uint. Initialize it with the constructor initializer list instead of in the body of the constructor, and use uniform initialization syntax to do so. Initialize the cache instantiation using uniform initialization. Use a few more autos so that we don't have to type const as much.
2019-02-10Re-add -WerrorMonty Taylor
Accidentally lost this in the autoconf refactor.
2019-02-10Remove cruft from Makefile.amMonty Taylor
We don't really need the maintainer-clean thing - we've got git for that. But also, add README.rst and bindep.txt to EXTRA_DIST.
2019-02-10Remove bootstrap.shMonty Taylor
This isn't really needed. It's autoreconf -fi, which is what the README already lists. Just run that.
2019-02-10Remove libtoolize related cruftMonty Taylor
2019-02-10Add comments to LRU cache classJames E. Blair
2019-02-10Add LRU cacheJames E. Blair
2019-02-10Overhaul warnings, debug and optimize settingsMonty Taylor
There's a ton of stuff in here that's holdovers from the days of Drizzle, such as intel c compiler and solaris support, that can just flat go away. There's also support for being able to turn off a bunch of various things with m4 parameters that were there to let us deal with legacy MySQL code. We don't need any of those. We can also just depend on autoconf archive for more functions and align with the behavior there rather than carrying local logic. While we're at it, rename both pandora and zuul prefixed things to opendev. pandora-build is what we were calling the collection of autoconf stuff 10 years ago, but is a long-dead project. That said, none of this is specific to zuul, but might still be useful for general C++ "I want to build things cleanly and stricly like Drizzle did". Use opendev for now, with the thought that perhaps we'll extract these into their own repo to be used by people should they choose. Perhaps a better prefix choice would be "DRIZZLE_" - since these are "build things inspired by Drizzle" - but maybe that implies a provenance that doesn't exist. Update copyright for the files that have essentially been rewritten. For the ones that are still legitimately based on the original code, add a Red Hat header line.
2019-02-10Remove vendored copies of m4 filesMonty Taylor
These can be consumed directly via gnulib and autoconf-archive packages these days. (yay!) Remove the copies from the tree and add gnulib and autoconf-archive to bindep. As part of doing this, switch to using the autoconf-archive version of debug flag handling, AX_CHECK_ENABLE_DEBUG.
2019-02-10Add DockerfileMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Pass input string by const referenceMonty Taylor
We're not mutating the string, so it can be const. And we can pass by reference instead of by value to avoid the copy.
2019-02-09Get rid of -Wmissing-declarationMonty Taylor
The extra line just looks weird.
2019-02-09Strip more autoconf stuff we don't needMonty Taylor
We're not building on solaris.
2019-02-09Simplify library searchingMonty Taylor
Use AX_CXX_CHECK_LIB from autoconf archive instead of AC_LIB_HAVE_LINKFLAGS which is from gettext and causes a bunch of other stuff to need to be copied in.
2019-02-09Use libtool automake variablesMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Read a hostname in a loopJames E. Blair
2019-02-09Use uri builder to build the build urlMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Print out some more specificsMonty Taylor
This shows different ways to access things.
2019-02-09Make the method actually fetch somethingMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Clean up a few more warning settingsMonty Taylor
We had a few things turned off in drizzle because of the inherited codebase and the pain of cleaning them up. Turn them back on. Also, we don't actually need the additional lib settings in the libcpprest test.
2019-02-09Test for cpprest with pthreadsMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Check for pthreads before cpprestMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Remove lib-link and lib-prefix and depend on gettextMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Add lib-linkMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Add lib-prefixMonty Taylor
This should be added by other things, will want to figure that out.
2019-02-09Switch to cpprest and add support for itMonty Taylor
2019-02-09Use httpsJames E. Blair
2019-02-09Use restclient to load a zuul buildJames E. Blair
2019-02-09Add restclient-cppJames E. Blair
2019-02-09Fix warnings in buildMonty Taylor
These had been turned off in oaktree because of protobuf. Turn them back on. And then fix the unused parameter issue.