path: root/test-requirements.txt
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-04Pin ansible-lint to < 4Monty Taylor
2018-10-18Revert "Extract pep8 messages for inline comments"Tobias Henkel
2018-10-17Extract pep8 messages for inline commentsMonty Taylor
2018-10-02Add zuul to the linters tox envJames E. Blair
2018-08-17Bump ansible test version to 2.5Ian Wienand
2018-08-02Require at least openstacksdk 0.17.1Tobias Henkel
2018-07-27Add upload-logs-swift roleJames E. Blair
2018-07-25Add a python unit test frameworkJames E. Blair
2017-10-27Run ansible-lint on repoAndreas Jaeger
2017-10-25Remove pep8/pyflakesDirk Mueller
2017-09-19Pin ansible<2.4 in test-requirements for ansible-lintDavid Moreau-Simard
2017-09-02Update tox/test-requirementsMonty Taylor
2017-08-01Switch to using zuul-sphinxJames E. Blair
2017-07-19Install zuul to access zuul_consolePaul Belanger
2017-06-08Add initial license, docs, and other configJames E. Blair