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Add note about multi-node jobs
artifacts and docs are expected to be unique regardless of host, unlike logs. Add a note to the README. Change-Id: Ie66500c3e1d18147a6d86c46a6dbe9642c9fb515
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@@ -5,6 +5,14 @@ This role collects logs, artifacts and docs from subdirs of the
5on the executor so that later parts of the system can publish the 5on the executor so that later parts of the system can publish the
6content to appropriate permanent locations. 6content to appropriate permanent locations.
7 7
8.. note::
10 Log content for multi-node jobs will be put into subdirectories
11 based on remote node name. It is expected that artifacts and docs
12 produced be inherently unique regardless of which build node they
13 were produced on, so all artifacts and docs are pulled back to
14 the same artifacts and docs directory.
8**Role Variables** 16**Role Variables**
9 17
10.. zuul:rolevar:: zuul_output_dir 18.. zuul:rolevar:: zuul_output_dir