tag name0.5.0 (8a5e4ee9abe66ee0c91959841847e412984a292f)
tag date2018-01-09 14:26:42 -0800
tagged byClark Boylan <>
tagged objectcommit 1e311031ec...
Make 0.5.0 tag for nodepool
This is likely the last tag before the feature/zuulv3 branch is merged into nodepool's master branch. This means that if you are using nodepool with zuulv2 you probably don't want to update beyond this tag. Most of the changes here are bug fixes but there are also some behavior changes. In particular the method of adding slaves to Jenkins is updated to support newer Jenkins and keypair management is removed as snapshot builds are no longer supported (snapshot support was removed in a previous release). -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQFLBAABCAA1FiEET8qJ4hPH7TKLNiKbDvuUPp4MATwFAlpVQlcXHGNsYXJrLmJv eWxhbkBnbWFpbC5jb20ACgkQDvuUPp4MATzpWwgA6Il4jHvdUIMkHcH+EEAemUL6 7k/vfhsTLQ8lwudZwvtKaU7SgDqgjbNeo4EHdonTd1FwXkP4QRe5scQ1R0JxTlDH wFSoyIvHBeRuyEd2fQoaeFDz65PYHlJS+HMF0QoHWeazG53IkFxoZM3wzi/K9c0w NGS+Z3Rbm7ls8dICgCkJLvEzbmnvrhIG/ev5mpki6n6HV2lwIxhA038rGB/kN8WS +r/z9GHr+JaiZNfatG3+az2DE9x3cepqkuYglQO/qG8EKb9ASAmuUdfU2hzJaNdx YY9McxBKD4GuFdzEIklukN65k4+4ykfcRE6+EUoK513E1xN5XhA3XwrB6FOx3Q== =U03D -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----